Monday, September 8, 2008

The LONG Awaited Haircut!

It finally happened. A big, no Huge, make that MONUMENTAL event! The clippers came out, and Zayn lost his mop on top. No more Shaggy (sorry Scoob). This isn't what I had in mind all those months that I pestered him, but when the opportunity presented itself, I had to take advantage of it. After all, it was quick, and I had a ton of homework to do. He said "Shave it," and that is just what I did. I have to admit that this is one of those times that I feel his pain. Like Zayn said though, "it will grow."

Before. . .

During. . .

The SHOCK!!!!

And, after!

(my little baby face-haha)

Now, what do we do with this creature?

(those are 13 inch tiles!)

This is the look that I really like on Zayn.

I just never knew it before, because we always kept him in a butch until the summer we moved to Florida. (That's 13 1/2 years). His hair is SOOO thick, it sticks straight up. He looked like a troll baby when he was born.

(Too bad the top doesn't show in this pic)

I love you, Zayn. Thanks for letting me have a little fun, and share your torture with the world!