Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Quinlan Kids 08





Merry Christmas from the Quinlans

Dear Family and Friends, December 8, 2008

I hope this letter finds all of you doing well. I can’t believe that another year is over. We are all doing great here in Florida. We get too busy at times, but that’s just the way it is these days. So, here is our little yearly update so we won’t be complete strangers to everyone.

Bren is six years old and in first grade. He is growing so fast; I can’t believe my baby is so big. He has a quick wit and keeps us laughing (or scratching our heads). He loves to torture Kelsi’s boyfriend. I seriously wonder where he comes up with the things he says to him. I just asked him what he likes—besides TV and games—and he said “Hershey’s”. His big news of the year is that one of his front teeth that he knocked out a couple years ago is coming in! Look out Chuck~E~Cheese, here we come ~ it’s party time!

Seth will turn 11 next week. He loves to read, and is often toting a book or two wherever he goes. He is still a huge Star Wars fan. He is in 5th grade, and looped with Mr. Greenlee, his teacher from last year. His favorite subject in school is science. He decided not to play football anymore, but is interested in martial arts. Seth is an awesome big brother, and I often get compliments from other adults about how good he is to Bren. (They don’t see the way they can be at home.)

Zayn is 14 and started high school this year. He lettered his first year of JV Football, and is now wrestling for the high school team. He became a certified scuba diver this spring. He is almost as big as Derick, and so much like him. He is getting excited to start driving soon. Seminary starts at 5:40 am and he just wants to get there—Ha-Ha. The girls are swarming, but so far nothing too serious has developed. Keep your fingers crossed.

Kelsi is 17 and a junior at Lake Gibson High School. She is an honor student (NHS), and participates in several clubs, such as FCA, Lionettes, and French. She is gearing up for the tennis season to start. As mentioned before, she has met “the love of her life” and can’t seem to live without him. She graduated from Barbizon in September, and is doing some modeling work. Kelsi is flying to Los Angeles in January for the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) Competition.

Derick is still loving his job at Pepperidge Farm. He just received the Extraordinary Performance Award, which is the highest recognition in the Campbell Soup Company. He is also the Executive Officer for the 841st Engineer Battalion (Combat) based out of Miami. So, if he isn’t at work, he is on the road. Miami is approximately 250 miles south of us. He enjoys what he does, but he is getting ready to retire from the military. There just comes a point when you are too old to play soldier. He is also serving as the Second Counselor/Scout Master in the Young Men’s program at church, and that definitely takes up the remainder of his time.

The following was written by Kelsi:

DyAnn is about to hit the big 40! (But really it’s only the 11th anniversary of her 29th). She started back up with college this year to become a teacher. So, that keeps her constantly studying and on the computer. (Poor kids!!!) She is always keeping busy between her family, school, volunteering, and her calling as the YW 2nd counselor. She loves Kelsi and all the drama she brings into her life.-can’t wait til they’re BFF’s!! She also loves the adventure the others bring as well. She is a great mom!

All true, what can I say?

Derick and I are excited to accompany Kelsi and Zayn on a pioneer trek, as a Ma and Pa, over the Christmas break. They won’t be in our family, but it will still be a wonderful experience for all of us. We hope that your Christmas will bring you lots of joy as you feel the spirit of the season. We love and miss everyone. Have a wonderful holiday.

The Quinlan’s


Derick and I took a cruise to the Bahamas in October (a late celebration of our anniversary). We had a great time! Because I have so much catching up to do, I will just post some pics and give a brief description.
Derick standing in front of our ship

Sites from our tour

Typical Street Market

Looking down from the top of the Queen's Staircase

We found Zion at the bottom!!!

Dy in front of the waterfall (Queen's Staircase)

Derick in front of the waterfall

Derick always tells people to call us the Double D's (which I don't like) so I had to take a picture of this restaurant as we passed by

Celebrity homes on Paradise Island

I would be remiss if I didn't include a pic of the home Anna Nicole Smith lived in

And the hospital where her baby girl was born, and her son died

Lobby of Atlantis Hotel/Resort on Paradise Island

The bottom floor is a huge aquarium

Private beach at Atlantis

An example of the homes that are not on Paradise Island

Light house as you enter the harbor

I guess the steward thought I missed my dogs

The ice sculpture on board. This started out as a swan, but the neck broke. So, without any hesitation, the sculptor changed it into an eagle.

It was fun to have a few days to ourselves, but we are looking forward to taking the kids next time. We ate ourselves silly, but it was oooohhhhhh so good! Zayn would be in heaven.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The LONG Awaited Haircut!

It finally happened. A big, no Huge, make that MONUMENTAL event! The clippers came out, and Zayn lost his mop on top. No more Shaggy (sorry Scoob). This isn't what I had in mind all those months that I pestered him, but when the opportunity presented itself, I had to take advantage of it. After all, it was quick, and I had a ton of homework to do. He said "Shave it," and that is just what I did. I have to admit that this is one of those times that I feel his pain. Like Zayn said though, "it will grow."

Before. . .

During. . .

The SHOCK!!!!

And, after!

(my little baby face-haha)

Now, what do we do with this creature?

(those are 13 inch tiles!)

This is the look that I really like on Zayn.

I just never knew it before, because we always kept him in a butch until the summer we moved to Florida. (That's 13 1/2 years). His hair is SOOO thick, it sticks straight up. He looked like a troll baby when he was born.

(Too bad the top doesn't show in this pic)

I love you, Zayn. Thanks for letting me have a little fun, and share your torture with the world!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My, My, Where Did 20 Years Go?

To my Love and my Life:

With tiny tears that glistened, my eyes were fixed on you, and thinking of the life we'd share we softly said, "I do".

Our hearts were knit together from the time that we first met, and memories were gathered that we never will forget.

While daily living life with you, you saw the real me, and still you chose acceptance, a lifelong mystery.

With many happy times gone by and others when we cried, some days we'd share so endlessly, while other days we'd hide.

With all the ups and downs we've had in learning to be friends, I know that in this heart of mine, I'd marry you again!

I Love You Forever and For Always.

~~Happy Anniversary, Babe~~

Your Battle Buddy

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Girl's Camp

Our Banner


We were soooo fortunate (and spoiled) to be able to hold our Girl's Camp at
Disney's Ft. Wilderness this year! We would have died with out occassional air conditioning.
We had a wonderful time. Here are just a few pictures.

Sis. Quinlan and Sis. Hartman
Sis. Reeve and Alison

Dale and Kelsi at the sing-a-long

Kelsi ready to row!

Camila, Alison and Demie?

Making Flip Flops

Riding the bus to ???

I LOVE this picture of Bailee

Some of our towel critters (the maid, yes maid, made these, not us)
Swimming at the little pool

Our little friend at the pool

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This is a live sand dollar that Zayn found in the Gulf. It was the most gorgeous purple.
Kind of like an eggplant color. He returned it to the ocean--it is illegal to keep live ones--
but we came home with a whole bucket full of "skeletons", some big, some smaller.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Have you ever seen an albino peacock? We saw this one on Bren's fieldtrip to Green Meadows Farm. All of the adults were fascinated. I don't think the kids understood the difference.
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One of the most exciting (and recent) happenings was Kelsi's Fishing/Lobstering trip to the Florida Keys. She went on a week long trip with friends of the family, Stan and Judi Eddins.