Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Feeding the Five Thousand

It would seem that Kelsi is well on her way toward feeding the five thousand. . . .

Kelsi and Zayn's AWESOME seminary teacher(s) had a party at their house Monday night. ~I haven't heard if they will try that again in the near future :)

Anyway, Kelsi caught this fish in the lake in their back yard. She asked if I published it when I posted Kayli's entry, so I told her I would.

Here it is!

Happy Birthday Kayliann

Today would have been Kayliann's 8th birthday.
Every year we celebrate her birthday by sending up balloons or writing a letter or simply having cake. This year, she gets a spot on my blog.
(Sorry, the pictures are not that great)

Kayli was with us for five short hours. Nevertheless, she is in our hearts forever.

Saying Good-bye
Kelsilyn, Zayn and Seth with Layci at her grave.
(Bren joined our family later)

I was very upset that they put the hands upside down at first, but now, I know that she is helping me through life.

We had this poem inscribed on the back of her headstone:

Little hands, held in mine.

Sweet tender touch, how brief the time.

Thy gift of love is given me,

to let these hands return to Thee.

Dear Savior, hear my heartfelt prayer.

Bless them with Thy watchful care.

Her little hands, until the time.

They once again are held in mine.

Happy Birthday sweet angel!

We love you ~ forever