Sunday, March 15, 2009

Space Shuttle Discovery

This is a picture of the space shuttle Discovery lift-off taken from our house tonight.
I love how the colors in the atmosphere come through!
Ignore the date on the pic. I replaced my batteries the other day, and didn't reset the date.
(I thought the stamp was turned off--oh well!)
You can see a blurb on the left. That is actually the shuttle, but it didn't come out very clear in this picture.
By the time I ran in the house and grabbed my camera, the jet-stream was dissipating, and the shuttle had traveled fast and far.
Cape Canaveral/Kennedy Space Station is about a 94 mile drive from our house.
It is sooo fun to see these events occasionally.
Seth and I are excited to go to Space Camp in April!
We will let you know how it goes.


Marni said...

LUCKY!!! My in-laws called and said they were going to be playing it on channel 2 if it launched during the news that half hour, and it did. All we got was a really quick maybe 30 seconds, like from "Blast off!" till it was in the air. It looked darkish there, so I mentioned that I bet it would look really cool there, so it was fun to see your post.

I'm totally jealous. :)

Latisha said...

Very cool picture!! I can't believe I forgot to go look outside! Awesome colors.

isaiah said...

Great picture, thanks.